Thankful for Amazing Support of Trap-In Uden!

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Recently, during a festive meeting organized by the team of Trap-In Uden, we were informed about the results of this year’s sponsored 50 km bicycle tour, the event that is always organized by them on the second day of Pentecost.

Due to very good weather circumstances and the adding of new elements to the program, the proceeds from the event have turned out to be record breaking, resulting in the amazing amount of €2750,- to be paid out to each of the selected projects, including HWMCO-Nederland!

This amount is a wonderful contribution to the amount needed for the first motorboat on behalf of Bwama Primary School, our project school under Nicky’s Care for Africa (NiCA Project).

The team of HWMCO-Nederland thanks Trap-In Uden for their absolutely amazing support!


“We Fight Poverty by Bringing Development.”


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