Looking Back on Another Impressive Journey to Uganda…Updates to be Posted Soon!

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Please note: we do no longer support HWMCO in Uganda.


Just some days ago, I have returned in the Netherlands from another long and most impressive journey to Uganda where I have visited both HWMCO-Uganda and NiCA-Project. Time and time again, I am greatly affected by the poor living conditions of the population, especially those in the rural areas. By far the majority of them does not have access to safe drinking water; they struggle for food every day, they lack clothes and they have no money to send their children to school. Of course it is the children who suffer the most from all this. Instead of having the carefree and happy childhood that just every child deserves, instead of getting opportunities to build themselves a good future, they are assisting their parents in running the household, working on the land, taking care of their younger siblings, etc. Especially girls are lacking opportunities.

A lot of work needs to be done to change the future perspectives of many children in Uganda, but I am so happy and grateful for what we have so far already been able to achieve by working hard and joining hands. During my stay, amongst other things, I have been interacting with the children in many ways, I have visited several of their families at home, I delivered an amount of used glasses at a health center, and I had an amazing experience visiting a group belonging to the indigenous Batwa tribe.



In the upcoming weeks, articles about the experiences from my trip and updates about fundraising results will be posted….please stay tuned!


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