Rainwater Collection System Completed

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With an average of 200 centimeters of rainfall a year in Uganda, collection of rainwater is known to be ideal as a primary source of clean water. That’s why we are happy that the previously announced rainwater collection system at the location of HWMCO in Uganda has now been completed.

For the system to be realized first of all a sufficient surface to collect rainwater from needed to be created. A very suitable way to do so turned out to be the constructing of an additional room to the existing small building. That room has replaced the blue tent that had been placed almost two years ago as a first step for the organization’s activities to get started in the village of Mbaba. It will be placed elsewhere at the location, that way enabling several activities to take place at the same time.

As can be seen in the photo slider below, the building of the extra room started with the construction of a wooden frame and roofing that. After it had been roofed, all sides were covered with a durable plastic material that is often seen in constructions for this purpose. Also, to guarantee better hygienic circumstances for the children, a cement floor was added. With the cement floor being completed, the children could already start enjoying the newly created, very spacious room. Regardless of the weather circumstances, all activities currently offered by the organization can take place in this room.



With the water tank recently placed, and rain pipes and gutters fixed, the rain water collection system is now ready to start functioning.

The system was made possible with the financial support of Trap-In Uden and it will serve as a clean water source for the children from Mbaba and environment that depend on the organization for their development.



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