Great News From NiCA: Canoe Donated to Bwama Primary School!

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We are more than happy to announce that we have been able to offer emergency help to Bwama Primary School!



The daily transport of the school’s pupils over Lake Bunyonyi, using dugout canoes, causes many problems that urgently ask for solutions. From the donated amount, our contact person and Transport Manager Aaron Twinomujuni has decided to purchase a used, yet still very young canoe.

A huge advantage of a used canoe is the fact that it is, contrary to a new canoe (for which it takes time to have it made in stages), immediately available. With just recently two out of seven canoes owned by the school having turned out to be beyond repair, that advantage had become most important. Teacher Aaron made sure to look for a young, used canoe made from durable wood and being most stable for it to guarantee the safety of the children as much as possible. The canoe he found met those requirements and it can safely carry as much as 20 children. The canoe only needs a layer of the right waterproof paint to protect it more against damaging effects from both water and weather, of which will be taken care soon.



We would like to thank our partner, Stichting Uden WereldWijd, for their wonderful support, which has made this donation possible. We consider it a most valuable first result for NiCA.

To be continued!


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