Donated T-shirts and Smocks Handed Out at HWMCO in Uganda

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During my recent trip to Uganda, while spending time with the children of HWMCO in Uganda, I handed out an amount of T-shirts and smocks that were donated to us by one of our partners from the Netherlands, Stichting Uden WereldWijd. In turn, they had received the items from a primary school that could, due to organizational changes, no longer use them, but wanted to be sure that they would be given a second life in developing countries. Stichting Uden WereldWijd is known to have partners that have charity projects in these countries.

Because I was already carrying a lot of donated clothes and materials to be handed out in my luggage, space was definitely lacking to add all the T-shirts and smocks also. So, I decided to put them in a big box and send that after me.

The T-shirts and smocks can be used for several (sports) activities that Happy is, with his team, organizing for the children. The happy faces in the photos below say so much!



We thank Stichting Uden WereldWijd for the donation of these by the children so much appreciated T-shirts and smocks!


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