Visiting Uganda Again: Another Wonderful and Unforgettable Experience!

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After having spent another 7 weeks in Uganda, the country that has become my second home, I was warmly welcomed back in the Netherlands by my family earlier this week. My trip has been emotional, beautiful, and also very successful!

Emotional, because I was again hit by the awful circumstances under which far the majority of the population, especially in the rural areas, have to live. The poverty is so very confronting. Every time again I wonder how it is possible that wealth is divided so unfairly in the world, and more and more it annoys me that people prefer to close their eyes for that.

Beautiful, because of Uganda’s amazingly lush and colorful nature; on this second trip I was even able to travel to the most southwestern area of Uganda, being the beautiful area to which Uganda thanks its name, ‘Pearl of Africa’.

Last, but not least, my trip has been very successful as I was, besides of course visiting HWMCO in Uganda, able to visit a primary school at Bwama Island which is located in Lake Bunyonyi, in the southwest of the country. This is where we are now going to start our second project, NiCA (Nicky’s Care for Africa), which is named and will be in honor of my deceased son, Nicky.

My first weeks in Uganda were spent mostly in Kampala, where I have sat down with Happy, Founder of HWMCO in Uganda, many times to discuss future plans; we also met some people there who are involved with the future plans.

Happy and I then travelled the long and dangerous road to the village of Mbaba, the main location of HWMCO in Uganda, where I met the children who are currently under the organization, and where I brought several materials. The pictures below provide an impression of the wonderful time spent with the children.


Later, we continued our journey to the southwest of the country, with destination Bwama Primary School on Bwama Island in Lake Bunyonyi. The school is facing many problems, but had gained our attention because of the transport problem of its pupils about which there had been some publicity. In cooperation with the Transport Manager of the school, HWMCO-Nederland is committed to find and finance solutions towards this problem. Also here more details will be shared in upcoming articles.


‘We Fight Poverty by Bringing Development.’


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