HWMCO-Nederland & NiCA Foundation

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Deze pagina (inclusief ANBI informatie) kan hier in het Nederlands gelezen worden



In English, the official name of HWMCO-Nederland is, ‘Foundation HWMCO Netherlands’, with HWMCO being short for ‘Heal the World Miracle Community Organization’. In correspondences and publications, the name ‘HWMCO-Nederland’ will be used.

Dutch Chamber of Commerce
Registration #: 67367003
Fiscal #: 856951213
ANBI status granted
(ANBI is the Dutch variant of PBO, or Public Benefit Organization).

E-mail: hwmco-nederland@outlook.com

Chair: Yvonne Verhagen
Treasurer: Mathieu Raemaekers
Secretary: José Snabel
Michael de Boer
Marc Verhagen

All board members are unpaid.



NiCA-Foundation is short for ‘Nicky’s Care for Africa Foundation.’ In correspondences and publications, the name ‘NiCA-Foundation’ or just ‘NiCA’ will be used.

NiCA Foundation is registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO) under local government of Kabale District with nr. 3512018

E-mail: nica.foundation18@gmail.com
Phone: +256 788 155769
Postal address: Nicky’s Care for Africa Foundation, Box 543, Kabale, Uganda

(Board) members

Chair: Yvonne Verhagen
Manager: Aaron Twinomujuni
Manager: Noah Mubangizi
Member: Marc Verhagen
Member: Niwaha Johnson
Member: Kekirwa Costance
Member: Akandinda Obdience
Member: Twasiima Hillaly

All (board) members are unpaid.


Joint website

Common purpose
We aim at providing many disadvantaged children in Uganda a worthy future by bringing development.

Common Policy Highlights
– Improving on the living conditions from the local population in general, specifically the children.
– Developing vocational courses for children.
– Improving on knowledge amongst children about nutrition and cultivating crops.
– Improving on knowledge amongst children about health issues.


We seek to achieve our goals through donations, sponsoring, gifts, etc.
We are non-profit.


HWMCO-Nederland & NiCA Foundation
‘We Fight Poverty by Bringing Development.’


(Updated November 2020)



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