HWMCO-Nederland & NiCA Foundation

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Deze pagina (inclusief ANBI informatie) kan hier in het Nederlands gelezen worden



In English, the official name of HWMCO-Nederland is, ‘Foundation HWMCO Netherlands’, with HWMCO being short for ‘Heal the World Miracle Community Organization’. In correspondences and publications, the name ‘HWMCO-Nederland’ will be used.

Dutch Chamber of Commerce
Registration #: 67367003
Fiscal #: 856951213
ANBI status granted
(ANBI is the Dutch variant of PBO, or Public Benefit Organization).

E-mail: hwmco-nederland@outlook.com

Chair: Yvonne Verhagen
Treasurer: Marc Verhagen
Secretary: Michael de Boer
Mathieu Raemaekers

All board members are unpaid.



NiCA-Foundation is short for ‘Nicky’s Care for Africa Foundation.’ In correspondences and publications, the name ‘NiCA-Foundation’ or just ‘NiCA’ will be used.

NiCA Foundation is registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO) under local government of Kabale District with nr. 3512018

E-mail: nica.foundation18@gmail.com
Phone: +256 788 155769
Postal address: Nicky’s Care for Africa Foundation, Box 543, Kabale, Uganda

(Board) members

Chair: Yvonne Verhagen
Manager: Aaron Twinomujuni
Manager: Noah Mubangizi
Boardmember: Marc Verhagen
Member: Niwaha Johnson
Member: Kekirwa Costance
Member: Akandinda Obdience
Member: Twasiima Hillaly

All (board) members are unpaid.


Joint website

Common purpose
We aim at providing many disadvantaged children in Uganda a worthy future by bringing development.

Common Policy Highlights
– Improving on the living conditions from the local population in general, specifically the children.
– Developing vocational courses for children.
– Improving on knowledge among children about nutrition and cultivating crops.
– Improving on knowledge among children about health issues.


We seek to achieve our goals through donations, sponsoring, gifts, etc.
We are non-profit.


HWMCO-Nederland & NiCA Foundation
‘We Fight Poverty by Bringing Development.’


(Updated February 2024)



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  1. Arineitwe B.Edward

    I am very pleased for the great work done to our communities and we thank the team for the good spirit and services.

    May God continue to bless the work of your hands ✋️

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