Thanking MJJ-Tribute-Events for Their Generous Support

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We are most grateful for the financial support received from MJJ-Tribute-Events from the Netherlands! Every year, MJJ-Tribute-Events organizes a Global MJ Birthday Party, which is meant to honor and remember Michael Jackson, and to celebrate his life. Amongst several great acts by international performers from the Michael Jackson community and other activities, the annual event also includes a lottery from which proceeds entirely go to charity. For this year’s 7th edition of the event, which was organized on 27th August, we were chosen as one of two charities; we are most happy to have received the wonderful amount of €130,- as a result!

The Global MJ Birthday Party was first organized in 2010, in Amsterdam, one year after MJ’s untimely death. Ever since that first time, which turned out to be most successful, the party became an annual returning tradition, attended by many loyal fans.

For the first editions of the party, a different city in the Netherlands was chosen each year; yet, for the lustrum of the event in 2014, a most suitable location in the municipality Best was found, which has since become the permanent location for the celebration. Best has a special meaning for Michael Jackson’s fans, as it is also home to one out of only few huge MJ HIStory Statues in the world, which were built to promote MJ’s HIStory Tour in 1996 and 1997. During his stay in the Netherlands, earlier this year, Happy was able to visit the statue in Best several times.

The team behind MJJ-Tribute -Events consists of a number of dedicated MJ fans who want to share their affection and appreciation for the late artist with other loving fans. The team emphasizes that it is because of the fans themselves that the event has turned out to be so successful. If you want to read more about MJJ-Tribute-Events, please visit their website,

We want to thank MJJ-Tribute-Events for choosing us as one of two charities for this year’s lottery!

It’s our hope that this wonderful initiative will be an inspiration for other organizations to support us in building a better future for the children.


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