Handing Out Donated Clothes to the Children from the Village of Mbaba

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During our four weeks spent with the children from Mbaba, amongst many activities in which they either took part or which they lead throughout the days, we had a wonderful day with the children while handing out donated clothes to them.

The clothes, which we were able to carry with them on their flights to Uganda, had been donated from Denmark, England, and the Netherlands. They consisted of both boys and girls clothes in many sizes, some of them even brand new!

With good clothing being one of many things that is lacking for the children from the village, it was a most welcome and so beautiful surprise for the children to be handed these clothes. They were most excited about it and they didn’t care at all about having to wait patiently until it was their turn to be provided with a well-fitting dress, shirt or trouser.



We want to thank Betinna Silke Torgun Peterson, Susie Michael Perera-Sweetman, and school ROC de Leijgraaf for the generously donated clothes!


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