Handing Out the From the Netherlands Donated Soccer Materials

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One of the most joyful things we did during our stay in Kampala was the handing out of from the Netherlands donated soccer materials. Over the last months, many soccer clothes, shoes, shinguards, as well as some pawns, balls and gloves had been donated, which we were able to carry with us on our flights to Uganda. 

We met with the boys from Happy’s “Miracle Youth Soccer Academy” (MYSA) on the field, where we handed them all the materials. The boys were most happy to see what we had brought for them. Some of them started telling us that from now on, with them wearing these clothes and shoes, they were no doubt going to win all matches! 

Before leaving the boys, we treated them on chocolates, which we had also brought for them from the Netherlands. 

On behalf of the boys, we want to thank soccer club Udi’19, school ROC de Leijgraaf, and the family Post, all of them from the Netherlands, for their generously donated materials! 




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