Visiting Uganda

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Last week, we (Marc, Helena, and Yvonne Verhagen) arrived back in The Netherlands from our beautiful and very impressive trip to Uganda. I have been in Uganda during eight weeks; the others joined me after the first three weeks. We made the trip for several reasons; most importantly, after Happy’s stay in the Netherlands earlier this year, we have together with Happy developed the plan to establish a foundation, ‘HWMCO-Nederland’, in our country through which we can help many needy children in Uganda. With that being in process, we decided that the only way to get the complete picture of the actual situation would be traveling to the country and experiencing it all with our own eyes.

In the upcoming period, I will be posting a series of articles about our experiences in Uganda. The first articles will tell about our weeks in Kampala. Later articles will tell about our experiences in the village of Mbaba, which is located in in the southwestern part of the country, about 300 kilometers away from Kampala. The village of Mbaba is the location where Happy is currently organizing most of his activities for needy children.