Visiting Musikhaus Schagerl in Austria

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20160131_103656 - kopieDuring Happy’s time with us in the Netherlands, we had the pleasure of driving him to Austria, where he wanted to meet Mr. Karl Schagerl, who has since several years been a most loyal supporter. Karl is the owner of Musikhaus Schagerl, which has a leading position in the manufacturing of brassband instruments worldwide. His highly appreciated contribution is in the donation of used brass band instruments. 

Being aware that music is a very important factor in just anyone’s life, Happy is most grateful for Karl’s wonderful support, since it enables him to offer the children the opportunity of making music together and to develop their musical talents.

During our days spent with Karl, we were given a very interesting tour through the company, during which we learned a lot about the most careful manufacturing process of their exclusive, handmade brass band instruments. Besides that, a special meeting was organized where Happy could tell the companies’ employees, as well as for other people who had been invited about his activities.

20160131_103307With Karl promoting many brass band artists worldwide, who play instruments produced by his company, we felt honored to meet Gileno Santana, a young and very talented trumpet player. Gileno was born from a poor family in Brazil and because of his never giving up on his dream for his talent to be seen, he managed to become a professional musician, who is now living in Portugal, from where he travels all around the world! Please enjoy Gileno’s great talent here!



We thank Karl Schagerl for his hospitality!






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