The First Episode of Happy’s Mission in the Netherlands

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In recent weeks, Happy has been telling many students from the Society department from ROC de Leijgraaf in the Netherlands about his activities for the children in his country. On many days, we visited two classes, on some days even three. It clearly warmed Happy’s heart to notice how the teachers as well as many of the students showed their sincere respect for his story.

With Christmas approaching, the students from the Society department were asked to organize activities from which materials and/or donations for the benefit of the children would be collected. For example, students of one class decided to prepare all kinds of delicious hot snacks and sell them in the canteen of the school during lunchtime. Thanks to the enthusiasm of these students, who didn’t rest until the last snack had been sold, a significant amount of money was collected. We are most grateful for the wonderful result achieved by this class.

Last week, during a Christmas celebration, Happy was presented the final result of all activities organized by the students from the Society department. Altogether, they had collected somewhat more than € 550,- along with many materials for the children. Happy was asked to come onstage to receive a check for the collected amount.

The money that was raised has been sent to Uganda, to use it for financing the ‘End of Year Children’s Party’ to which the children are very much looking forward. The party is organized for the children at the end of each year. They are taken to different places, like the beach, camping sites, museums, etc. During the event, with music present, the children enjoy festive food and drinks, playing games and sports, swimming, and also small gifts/presents they get handed.

Happy is most grateful that the party can now be organized again this year and he is thanking the students for making it possible. After the Christmas holidays, we will move on with the second episode of Happy’s mission which will, amongst other things that we are working on, include presenting the organization for the children to classes from other departments from ROC de Leijgraaf, and meeting a much appreciated donator from Europe.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!






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