Presenting His Organization: Spreading the LOVE from the Children

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20151203_161354Last week, Happy started presenting his ‘Heal the World Miracle Community Organization’ (HWMCO) to the students from ROC de Leijgraaf in the Netherlands. By now, he has been presenting it several times, and both Happy and I are just so happy about and so grateful for the positive response that he is receiving.

Happy is presenting himself and HWMCO through a PowerPoint presentation from which he starts with shortly telling the story of his life, followed by sharing his motivations for starting HWMCO. Happy will tell the students about the names “Diho” and “Verhagen” that were added to his first name, and he will also point out the two locations of his project, being Kampala and Mbabara. Happy then moves on explaining the students how helping the needy had always been something he wanted to do from his heart and how he, after he had started dancing like Michael Jackson, began to receive more money which enabled him to found his organization.

During his presentation, Happy gives a wonderful explanation about the logo for his organization, which not only includes explaining the words, but also explaining the globe and the people in it, as well as the colors that are used. The globe of course stands for our earth, the people in it are a father, a mother, and a child holding hands together, that way representing a family which is not only the cornerstone of society, but also stands for Love, Peace, Joy, and Unity. The hands carrying the globe express that we can really heal the world by working all together, in other words: by uniting. By doing so, ‘We Build For the Future’.

The term ‘Heal the World’ expresses the change that Happy wants to bring to the lives of many people. ‘Miracle’ stands for the ways in which children will start surprising adults with what they can all achieve if they are provided the love and care they need so very much, or as Happy prefers to put it, the fruits of the successes from the children, that will come just as they will come from a tree that starts growing and giving fruits. The word ‘Community’ represents the coming together of people of all ages and groups, and working towards their goals. ‘Organization’ means that the goals are achieved by sticking to the plans and the directions that were decided upon together.

The color yellow in the logo represents the Sunshine, which will brighten the children’s future. Blue means Life, red stands for Brotherhood and Sisterhood, the green color expresses Nature and the desire to protect the Environment.

After having explained all about the logo from the organization, Happy continues his presentation by telling the students about the activities and workshops that are organized for the children throughout the days and weeks by himself and his committee members.



Happy’s presentation for the students ends with sharing the wonderful video above that shows his children singing Michael Jackson’s song ‘Heal The World’ all together. The video was recorded earlier this year as a tribute for Michael on his 57th birthday. Seeing the children giving their all while singing the song from their hearts has clearly touched many people worldwide, causing the video to be shared massively on Facebook. The students also clearly enjoy watching the children singing the song, which contains the message that Michael was sending into the world and which Happy is forwarding through all the work he is diligently doing with so much love for all his children.

In Happy’s words,
Together We Can!







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