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As of 25 November 2016 ‘Stichting HWMCO-Nederland'(Foundation HWMCO-Netherlands) is officially registered in the Netherlands.
‘NiCA-Foundation’ is since 17 July 2018 registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO) in Kabale District (Uganda).

All official facts considering the registrations of both foundations can be read here.

Since we find it important that everyone who is actively involved with our foundations as a (board)member is not only known by a name, we would like to introduce ourselves below:


Yvonne Verhagen (Founder & Chair)

Since many years I have felt attracted to Africa and an unconscious feeling has been living inside of me that I would want to make myself useful there. While we were in the procedure of adopting our youngest daughter (she was born in Ethiopia) we were painfully confronted with malnutrition. Helena was found in a very malnourished condition and brought to a shelter. For her life has been fought. No parent wants such circumstances for his child and to learn about them had hit me very hard.

It was during a period where I was thinking very much about my future when Michael Jackson died in 2009. I had previously given up my job, so that I could entirely focus on raising our children, yet, with them growing older and therewith more and more independent, I had started getting more time for myself. Although I had, until then, never been a big fan of Michael Jackson’s music, the ways in which he was repeatedly completely unfairly scandalized by the media had often angered me. Sadly, I had never been aware of the enormous amount of charity work he had done during his life. Not really surprising, because he chose to leave the press out of it, as much as they always preferred to twist his good intentions into something negative. Only after his death many positive stories about all the charitable work done by him became known. To realize how much good this man had done for the world during his lifetime, without ever asking anything back for it, has hugely inspired me. I started looking for ways to actively contribute to continuation of his charity work. As a first step I started working as a translator, researcher and later also writer in the MJ Community.

In June 2011, the world of me and my family completely collapsed when our son, Nicky, died in a car accident. In my struggle to survive the pain, the desire in me to help in Africa returned very strongly. Nicky had also loved Africa, and had wanted to make himself useful there. Also, he had been most intrigued by its beautiful nature and the (still present) wildlife. He had once done a presentation at school about gorillas (of which the biggest part of the population still alive can be found in Africa) and it had been his dream to visit them.

Pieces of the puzzle started falling together when my activities for the MJ Community led me to Ugandan Happy Mbabazi. Happy was organizing activities for disadvantaged children in his country and felt, like myelf, tremendously inspired by Michael Jackson. Following an almost four months’ stay of Happy with us in the Netherlands (2015/2016), for him to promote his organization, HWMCO, a close relationship developed and our huge appreciation for the work he did through his organization led to our decision to establish ‘HWMCO-Nederland’. The desire to help in Africa that had been living inside me for many years, my wish to continue Michael Jackson’s charity work, of which he had performed a lot in Africa, and also our son’s love for Africa could now be united! In 2017, ‘Nicky’s Care for Africa’ (NiCA) came about as a special tribute to our deceased son. It started as a project under HWMCO-Nederland, for it be registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO) in Kabale District (Uganda) in 2018.


Mathieu Raemaekers (Treasurer HWMCO-Nederland)

The majority of the Ugandan children grow up in sad circumstances. We believe that everyone, no matter where he is living, deserves opportunities to lead a beautiful and happy life. Where life is not always beautiful and happy, help is needed. That is why I am very eager to be part of HWMCO-Nederland, so that we can together commit ourselves to offer that help.





Michael de Boer (Secretary HWMCO-Nederland)

I absolutely want to contribute my part to make life somewhat more beautiful and better for the children in Uganda. HWMCO-Nederland and the plans that are existing make a lot of sense to me. I believe in development work that requires from the people involved that they learn and develop in ways that will eventually lead to them being able to create a better future for themselves and their children.





Noah Mubangizi (Manager NiCA-Foundation)

(More will be added)







Aaron Twinomujuni (Manager NiCA-Foundation)

(More will be added)







Helena Verhagen (Member HWMCO-Nederland & NiCA-Foundation)

My roots are in Africa, I love children, and I think it is important to help others. During our trip to Uganda I witnessed with my own eyes the sad living conditions of the children there and I realized more than ever how lucky I have been to grow up in a prosperous country as the Netherlands. All that are reasons because of which I actively want to be involved with HWMCO-Nederland. 



Marc Verhagen (Member HWMCO-Nederland & NiCA-Foundation)

The huge differences in living conditions between our rich Western society and Uganda, a country that is amongst the poorest in the world, are nothing but confronting. To hear about the enormous poverty is something completely different than to witness it with your own eyes and to even be surrounded by it every day, as we were in the summer of 2016.

With our foundation, HWMCO-Nederland, and of course with our deceased son and what he would have wanted in my heart, I absolutely want to contribute to the improvement of those living conditions and to providing especially many children that worthy future.


José Snabel (Member HWMCO-Nederland)

I met Yvonne Verhagen, who founded HWMCO-Nederland, in 2017. After reading this website and her stories I am proud of her for all she has, with the people around her and various volunteers, achieved for these underprivileged children. Personally I believe that difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.
My best experience in this world is to feel that you are meaningful for someone else, anywhere in the world.

Give what you receive.
Receive what you get.
Appreciate what you have.



Specific goals we are committed to and for which funds need to be raised will be presented on this website. Of course we count on your trust, enthusiasm and support, which will enable us to realize our goals!


HWMCO-Nederland & NiCA-Foundation
‘We Fight Poverty by Bringing Development.’


(Last updated May 2019)