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  • A Chinese proverb says, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” As mentioned in the introduction words, HWMCO-Nederland is committed to providing effective aid, with the emphasis on ‘effective’. In all that we do to realize our goals we ask involvement and commitment of the local population. For several reasons we ask them to contribute their part whenever that can reasonably be expected. We should, for example, not have to spend donated money on hiring expensive manpower when the same jobs can be done as a return service by the local population that we are helping. Also, while we want to work towards more self-reliance for the local people, we expect from them that they are motivated to spend time and energy on being taught skills that are necessary for them to work towards that very self-reliance.


  • It always saddens me to hear people say that, however much they feel sorry for the poor population in Africa, the little they can contribute can in no way be of help. Also, there is a group of people who are convinced that helping in Africa is useless, because any money sent there will just disappear without anything being achieved with it. These are both huge misunderstandings. Fact is very simple that a lot can be achieved when many small contributions are brought together. Of course it is most important that any raised money is used in responsible ways, but that is something we from HWMCO-Nederland absolutely stand for.


  • As a matter of course, all (board) members from HWMCO-Nederland are unpaid. Also, whenever someone from our team travels to Uganda on behalf of HWMCO-Nederland, none of the travel and accommodation costs will be paid from donated money. It will always be financed from personal resources. All this is to guarantee that the maximum from received donations will benefit the goals we are committed to.


  • Last but not least, all of us from HWMCO-Nederland, HWMCO-Uganda and NiCA Foundation have made it a spearhead that we will always reject any kind of corruption. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of corruption in Uganda, which hinders the countries’ overall development in serious ways. The population, especially the poor population that we are helping, suffers structurally from it.



‘We Fight Poverty by Bringing Development.’