The Plot of HWMCO in Uganda Has This Year Been Extended With One and a Half Acres!

  Klik hier om dit in het Nederlands te lezen.   As mentioned in the introduction article of HWMCO in Uganda, one of the main future goals the organization wants to achieve is the building of a home called, ‘Miracle … Continued

Breaking News: First Motorboat to Provide Pupils of Bwama Primary School Safe Transport Realized!

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  Klik hier om dit artikel in het Nederlands te lezen.     We are extremely excited to announce that the first motorboat, meant to provide the children of Bwama Primary School safe transport from and to their school, has now been … Continued

Coming Soon…..

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  Klik hier voor de Nederlandse vertaling.   Please stay tuned for amazing news about the first motorboat to be brought to Bwama Primary School!         HWMCO-Nederland ‘We Fight Poverty by Bringing Development.’   NB: are you … Continued

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