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Heal the World Miracle Community Organization (HWMCO) in Uganda was founded and ever since led by Happy Mbabazi (1996) who has, ever since he was a little boy, been aware that he loved to help people, especially children.

Happy was born in a very poor family. He was the second youngest of many siblings, but already at a very young age he felt responsible for his family and wanted to earn them a living. At first he started selling jackfruits (a delicious local fruit) which he could do, because the family was lucky to have a jackfruit tree in their garden. Happy struggled tremendously, while moving from village to village to get his fruits sold, but most importantly, he succeeded in earning the necessary money from which the family could survive.

After having sold fruits during some years, Happy decided to start dancing to earn his family a living. He danced on the streets, sometimes on parties, and succeeded in supporting his family that way also. At some point he became aware of Michael Jackson’s dance moves and started training to dance like him. With people more and more appreciating his dancing like Michael Jackson, Happy started earning more money. The success he had with his dancing like Michael Jackson motivated Happy to start researching the man and everything he had achieved during his life. He learned about Michael Jackson’s charity work, and found himself so impressed that he decided to make a pledge to his own life. He pledged that, no matter what would happen, he was going to help thousands of people, mainly focusing on children.

It was at that point, in 2011 that Happy, being 14 years old at that time, started working on what would become his ‘Heal the World Miracle Community Organization’. HWMCO is located in a small village in the Kiruhura district, called Mbaba, where it is officially registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO). A lot of attention goes to teaching the children the importance of Peace, Unity, Education, Music, and not to forget, Love. It is most important for children that they are encouraged to find and develop their talents, to start dreaming of their futures, and to put goals for themselves and their futures.


The photo slider below shows pictures from visits we made to HWMCO in Uganda, both in 2016, 2017 and 2018.



Happy has put several long-term goals for his HWMCO in Uganda, and HWMCO-Nederland was founded and is committed to help him achieve those goals.

Happy wants to build a home in the village of Mbaba, called, ‘Miracle Joy Centre’, from which all activities that he is offering the children can take place. That home will include all sanitary needs. Several Vocational trainings, such as sewing and carpentry, will be added to the program. Also, several outdoor activities and projects will step by step be added; these projects will, besides sports activities, for example encompass a farm that will besides chicken (a chicken farm) also have some cows.

Essential to mention is that all activities will in time be organized in such a way that some income can be generated through them.

In time, after all the above has been accomplished and is moving smoothly, Happy wants to realize his ultimate dream: an orphanage that will be called, ‘Miracle Joy Orphanage’.


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In Happy’s words:
‘Together We Can’


(Last update Juni 2018)