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Under Nicky’s Care for Africa (NiCA) we are supporting Bwama Primary School. After our donation of a canoe to the school in 2017, and especially after providing a first motorboat in October 2018, the number of pupils has started increasing fast.

This increase concerns two groups of children. There are the children from further away, who were previously not going to school at all and who are now offered opportunities to do so; and there are those children who were previously walking many hours, even having to climb steep hills, to another, far away located school, because they didn’t feel safe crossing Lake Bunyonyi using a dugout canoe.

Due to the undisputed importance of education for each and every child, the increase of the number of pupils is of course great news! The school can offer around 300 children a place.

We have of course been foreseeing this growth and for that reason, and also because one motorboat alone cannot solve the huge problem of time-management that the school is facing, more motorboats are needed.

For us to be able to provide the school a second motorboat, the amount of 19,000,000 UGX needs to be raised (depending on the actual exchange rate that equals around €4.600,-).

Also, due the increased number of pupils, the number of life jackets is lacking. Around 100 more of them will be needed. Every child shall have its own life jacket and is (together with its parents) held responsible for it. The school has developed a good administrational system here, as the life jackets have a number written on them and a list is kept that combines each number with a child. Very regularly, they are checking if all life jackets are still there. Whenever a child leaves the school, it is due to hand in its life jacket, so that another child can start using it.

The price of each life-jacket is currently 100,000 UGX (depending on the actual exchange rate that equals around 24,-).


Please visit the chapter ‘How You Can Help’ on this website to read in what ways you can contribute to achieving our goals.

Of course every contribution, no matter how small, will be highly appreciated!


‘We Fight Poverty by Bringing Development.’


(Updated 26 October 2018)