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Of course also in a developing country like Uganda there are many people who don’t see sufficiently and who would be much better off wearing glasses. Unfortunately, due to their poor situation, many of them can simply not afford themselves to buy them. Amongst the ones facing problems seeing are of course also many children, who already struggle with so many problems that are blocking their opportunities to build themselves a good future.

During my trip to Uganda in May 2018, as can be read here, I donated a number of from the Netherlands brought second-hand glasses to Bwama Health Centre, located on Bwama Island in Lake Bunyonyi, for them to give them out free of charge to the poor in the community. In the future we intend to bring many more glasses, naturally also involving the area where HWMCO-Uganda is active.

We will extend this initiative in cooperation with Pearle Opticians in the Netherlands, but also your contribution will of course be much appreciated. Have you stored any second-hand glasses that are not worn anymore and for which you never knew a good destination? Please send us an e-mail at hwmco-nederland@outlook.com for more information. There is a need for all kinds of glasses; children’s glasses will be greatly appreciated.


Of course there are also other ways in which you can help us achieve our goals. To learn about them please visit the section, ‘How You Can Help’. Every contribution, no matter how small, will always be highly appreciated!


‘We Fight Poverty by Bringing Development.’