The Third Landing Dock is a Fact!

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  Klik hier om dit in Nederlands te lezen.   Earlier this week, thanks to another generous contribution of Foundation Uden WereldWijd, the third out of five much needed landing docks for the children of Bwama Primary School could be … Continued

More Life Jackets and Landing Docks are Needed.

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  Dit artikel in het Nederlands lezen? Klik hier.   Our introduction of a first motorboat in October 2018 to ensure the pupils of Bwama Primary School safe transport over Lake Bunyonyi every day has led to several positive developments. … Continued

The Moringa Tree: a Potential Life Saver.

  Dit artikel is hier in het Nederlands te lezen.   “The hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes” ~ Goethe   The words above seem to apply more and more to the Moringa oleifera … Continued

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