Amazing New Experience for the Children of Mbaba: Easter Egg Hunt!


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While always looking for beautiful and exciting experiences to present the children of the village of Mbaba with, Happy came to the idea of organizing an Egg Hunt for them on Easter Sunday. The idea came from memories of his own childhood, during which he had joined Sunday School in Kampala, where he had as a little boy been involved with the game which he had so much enjoyed!

So, many eggs were bought and boiled. Shortly before the children arrived for the activities of the day, all eggs were (with great anticipation!) carefully hidden all over the location. After the children had arrived, they were explained the game and the rules. It was going to be a contest between the boys and the girls with the group who collected most eggs being allowed to eat all of them!

It were the girls who won the contest and could therefore enjoy eating all the eggs together, but of course no one was forgotten. For all the children, including those who were too young to participate in the Egg Hunt, there was also a delicious lollipop to enjoy!

As can be seen in the pictures below, the children have (despite the rain!) visibly enjoyed this for them completely new experience!



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