Grateful for Generous Donation of Solar Panel with Accessories!


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Recently, on Happy’s birthday, a very good Ugandan friend made a short visit to the location of HWMCO in Uganda and surprised everyone by donating a solar panel with many accessories. Not only did this friend bring all that, but also, he completely installed it with the help of the team he brought for that.

The timing for this visit couldn’t have been more perfect, as it was made shortly after the big room, added to the location in combination with the construction of the rainwater collection system, had been realized. It means that the entire location, both inside and outside, can now be lighted; also, devices (phone and laptop) can from now on much easier be charged and, on top of all that, the children can now from time to time sit together and enjoy watching a movie from a laptop, or have skype conversations with some friends who are real close to the organization.

The team and the children from HWMCO-Uganda, as well as the team from HWMCO-Nederland are most grateful for this absolutely generous donation by an amazing friend, who prefers to remain anonymous. Thank you for this so wonderful gesture, which has brought another great and most welcome improvement to the location!



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  1. wow things are getting better in uganda

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